About Us

Late 1980's

Early 1990's

Mid to Late 1990's

Opel has been growing!

KME Farms started building in 1985 and soon came together with two more greenhouses, Old Paths and Marv’s creating Opel Growers. Together they sold plugs, bare root perennials, and finished perennials. Over the past 20 years Old Paths left and KME bought out Marv’s.


Opel Growers now is a family owned wholesale greenhouse on over 20 acres of land which includes over 10 acres of production and warehouse space.  We specialize in supplying quality perennials to independent retailers, farm markets and garden centers throughout the Midwest.

    Opel Growers specializes in producing over 1,000 perennial varieties along with shrubs, groundcovers, ornamental grass, vines, herbs, succulents, annual pots, annual hanging baskets, and patio pots.

Opel Growers has recently built a new propagation range complete with LED lighting, boom watering, and heated floors. For the team at Opel it just made sense to have the best environment to produce premium plants from the start; whether they are from seed, cutting tissue culture, or division.

     Opel Logistics handles all routing and shipping of Opel Growers products and supplies to ensure the most timely and cost effective delivery of your order.  Our Logistics team will send out shipment notifications allowing you to track your order live once it leaves our facility, allowing you to know approximate time of delivery!